New titles available for home viewing on video-on-demand and Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, beginning the week of Friday, July, 17, 2015.

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Here’s what’s new for home viewing on video-on-demand and Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, beginning the week of Friday, July 17.


Showtime has created a streaming service with a greater range of options and a lower price tag than HBO’s service. Subscribe through Apple TV, Roku or PlayStation Vue for $10.99 a month, or add it to your Hulu subscription for $8.99 a month. It comes with the complete library of Showtime’s original shows and there’s a 30-day free trial — just long enough to get hooked on “Masters of Sex” or “Penny Dreadful.”

Pay-Per-View / Video-On-Demand

Juliette Binoche shines in Clouds of Sils Maria as a 40-something actress struggling with a new role. Kristen Stewart matches her scene-for-scene as her savvy assistant. R for language and brief nudity. Also on DVD.

Ex Machina is science fiction as chamber drama, a clever game of wiles between a socially naive programmer (Domhnall Gleeson), a sophisticated artificial intelligence (Alicia Vikander) and a manipulative software genius (Oscar Isaac). The simple but effective American horror film “It Follows” is less cerebral but just as smart and much creepier. Both rated R for violence and nudity. Also on Blu-ray and DVD.

Also new: the Kevin James comedy “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” (PG) and the Oscar-nominated documentary “The Salt of the Earth” (PG-13), about photographer Sebastião Salgado. Available same day as select theaters nationwide is the revenge thriller Lila & Eve,” with Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez (R). It opens in Seattle at Sundance (21+).


Looking for distractions for the kids? Add the animated spinoff movie Penguins of Madagascar (2014) to your list. Just say these are the minions of “Madagascar.”

Strictly for adults is “BoJack Horseman: Season 2,” the animated Netflix original that skewers showbiz and celebrity culture.

Also new: Spike Lee’s Kickstarter-funded horror film “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus” (2014); Clint Eastwood’s “Changeling” (2008), starring Angelina Jolie; and the 2015 documentary “Tig” (2015), with comedian Tig Notaro.

Amazon Instant Prime

More seasons of HBO shows roll out: “Boardwalk Empire: Season 3” takes us to the halfway point of the Prohibition-era gangster drama and “True Blood: Season 5” steers the hotblooded vampire melodrama into its most ridiculous season yet. Both for mature audiences.

Hulu Plus

“East Los High: Season 3” continues the Hulu original series about life in East Los Angeles from the Latino American perspective. This season, singer Christina Milian and Oscar-nominated actress Catalina Sandino Moreno join the cast.

Other streams

“Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser,” the sequel that nobody asked for, debuts exclusively on the free streaming service Crackle.

Also on disc this week

“Ex Machina,” “It Follows,” “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” “The Longest Ride,” “Clouds of Sils Maria.”