Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna posted a mannequin challenge video after she gave birth Thursday. They join other celebs and athletes who've gotten in on the viral craze.

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Every few months a new viral sensation takes over the internet and blows up our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Do the ice bucket challenge, the Harlem shake, planking sound familiar?

The mannequin challenge is the newest addition. The challenge is exactly what it sounds like: Groups of people freeze themselves in body position and facial expression while someone with a video camera walks through the group. The trick is to hold your facial expression and pose long and still enough that it looks like you’re frozen in time.

Started a few months ago by high schoolers, it wasn’t long until the internet took notice and now everyone seems to have hopped on the mannequin challenge train including sports teams, performers, celebrities and politicians. Most of the videos are set to Rae Sremmurd’s new single “Black Beatles.” The rap duo even did their own version of the challenge in concert.

Aside from having fun and some friendly competition, the point is to show the details of a certain activity like a sporting event or dance. Like most good internet sensations the challenge raises awareness to certain issues and creates unity. A mannequin challenge video showing the reality of police brutality was recently released as well as Hillary Clinton’s version that encouraged people to go out and vote.

The Sky Media office in Bellevue, which specializes in creating YouTube and gaming content, took on the challenge. Their video takes the mannequin challenge one step further by dressing up as popular video game characters and freezing paper planes and Nerf bullets in thin air. Frozen but full of action.

If you’re up for the challenge, grab your video camera and a group of friends and try to be still as a mannequin. Or search #mannequinchallenge on Twitter or YouTube if you’re looking for a quick distraction. Here are some of the best mannequin challenge videos:

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian took on the mannequin challenge after Chyna gave birth to daughter, Dream.

The Sky Media office in Bellevue makes their own creative version of the mannequin challenge.