Wonder of wonders, this is the last Weekly Wonder as we all shepherd our kids into this unusual school year. Here are a few fun diversions to ease stress — or, for younger kids, fill the time.

Meet a giant panda cub

The Smithsonian National Zoo’s Mei Xiang gave birth Aug. 21. Learn about the cub and see what they’re up to on the zoo’s live panda cams at nationalzoo.si.edu/webcams/panda-cam.

Make an after-school snack

Looking for tasty treats that are easy for kids to pull together? Allrecipes.com has a recipe for no-bake granola bars (armagazine.com/3be6rd6), and the trail mix energy balls from Two Peas & Their Pod are irresistible (twopeasandtheirpod.com/trail-mix-energy-balls).

Check out highflying space science

NASA next year plans to launch the biggest, most powerful space telescope ever built. Watch a time-lapse of crews building the James Webb telescope — which is 100 times more powerful than the Hubble — at bit.ly/webb-telescope. It won’t look like this when it rockets into space, though; it will have to be folded up. Check out the intricate space origami and learn how to make your own unfolding version at go.nasa.gov/32Odllg. Read more about the telescope at jwst.nasa.gov.

Keep wondering

We’ll leave you with this (by no means full) list of some of our favorite resources for kids and families to explore: