PARIS (AP) — Film celebrities, a culture minister and fans have paid homage to Jean-Pierre Mocky, a fiercely independent filmmaker who directed some of France’s most famed actors over a six-decade career.

Actor Gerard Depardieu encouraged fans to come and join Monday’s funeral ceremony at the Saint-Sulpice Church in Paris, though didn’t go himself. Mocky’s stars also included Catherine Deneuve, Charles Aznavour, Jeanne Moreau and others.

Born Jean-Paul Adam Mokiejewski, Mocky died last week after a career that included directing more than 60 films from 1954 to 2017 and acting in others. His age was disputed.

He was associated with France’s New Wave cinema and he made a mark with his provocative style, though his movies didn’t achieve great commercial success. They included 1963 comedy “Un drole de paroissien” (“Heaven Sent”) and 1983 drama “A mort l’arbitre!” (“Kill the Referee!”)