The Weekly Wonder

What do apples, yarn and a computer have in common? They’re all tools for sparking fun adventures at home this week. Here are five ways to keep your kids busy, happy and learning.

Go on an icy adventure

Bundle up for an interactive Google tour of Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park. Start at to experience this wildly icy land, then rappel into a crevasse, kayak along icebergs and watch a glacier recede.

Make applesauce

There’s a secret ingredient for making standout applesauce. The Young Chefs’ Club at America’s Test Kitchen divulges it and uses videos to walk kids through the tasty recipe at If that doesn’t ap-peel (groan!), dig into its treasure trove of other recipes for kids at

Yarn-bomb your bedroom

The trend of knitting or crocheting to decorate a public place has spread worldwide — in some towns, even the trees and bikes are wearing sweaters. The DIY Network explains how to yarn-bomb inside your own house at

Put a new twist on paper airplanes

Tired of paper airplanes? The Exploratorium in San Francisco is sharing a way to make paper hoops that can zoom through the air at

Play detective

Aspiring gumshoes can make a periscope to peer around the corner, another gem from The Exploratorium ( When you’re done snooping with that, try Scientific American’s guide to writing with invisible ink ( and create your own simple magnifying glass from a plastic bottle with directions from Science Sparks (