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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Executive producer Jason Katims said he’s still open to revisiting “Parenthood,” but just not yet.

“I would see picking it up after much time has passed,” he said Wednesday following a press event to promote his upcoming CBS medical drama “Pure Genius.”

“It’s got to start with a story you’re burning to tell. When I get to that point where I say, ‘I want to tell this story about the Bravermans.’ … then I’ll go about the work of calling Peter Krause or Lauren (Graham) and everybody else and say, ‘Are you up for this?'”

When he is ready, Katims said he has “no idea” where that story will live, whether it’s Netflix or Hulu or some other streaming service or site.

“The landscape is so rapidly changing, so at that time it would be like, ‘OK, what would be the right place to do this?'”

“Parenthood” ended its six-season run on NBC in 2015. The show followed a large, close family living in the San Francisco Bay area and became known for its emotional storylines like breakups, fertility struggles, PTSD and cancer.

Stock up on tissues because Katims said “Pure Genius” will also tug at the heart.

“I like accessing the emotional center of stories and it’s become the vocabulary of how I think about story,” he said.

Katims has a track record of making television that viewers get very attached to, like his former series “Friday Night Lights.” After some initial talk of reviving that story he now says it’s not in the cards.

“‘Friday Night Lights’ is not gonna happen,” he said. “I had entertained that for a while. It takes 100% commitment, everybody being committed, everybody wanting to do it, everybody thinking that’s a good idea.”