Memorial Day gatherings across the Seattle area, from Mill Creek to the Museum of Flight

On April 4, 2018, at the Museum of Flight, workers prepare to hoist a 1969 Lockheed YO-3A into position in the museum’s great gallery. The single engine aircraft is powered by a Continental IO-360D  210HP engine. The engine was heavily muffled so as to be virtually noiseless as it flew on reconnaissance missions at altitudes of 500′ to 1200′ at night in darkness. The two person crew had the pilot sit in the rear and an observer, using an eyepiece and an night vision aerial periscope camera sat in front. It was an early version of night vision goggles, but in the fuselage of the airplane. The camera lens was developed by Ziess of Germany. There were dual controls to fly the plane, so either the pilot or the observer in the front could fly it. There were a total of 11 aircraft built for the Army during the Vietnam War.
The plane is part of an upcoming exhibit, “Vietnam Divided: War Above Southest Asia” opening Memorial Day weekend. 205872

Mill Creek Memorial Day Parade and other Memorial Day events in the Seattle area on Monday, May 28.

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