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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — The Good Place is that slice of afterlife where you can shop at a store called Everything Fits and where expletives are automatically toned down into “shirt for brains” or “forking.”

That’s the setting for “The Good Place,” an upcoming NBC sitcom starring Kristen Bell as a not-so-good girl who dies and arrives there through a clerical error. Ted Danson stars as her afterlife mentor who will help her fit in.

“She’s been living by the guideline, ‘Every man for himself,'” said Bell. “Now she needs to incorporate other people into her world view.”

Maybe she will, and along the way, the show will incorporate “cliffhangers, big events and things that change in every episode,” said Michael Schur, the show’s creator, who added that his model is a comedy version of “Lost.”

“There’s never going to be a wash-rinse-repeat policy,” he promised the TV writers gathered Tuesday at the Television Critics Association conference.

The Good Place is an exclusive domain, where only one out of every 450 humans gains admission, Schur said, which sparked this question to the gathered cast members: Had any of them ever wondered what heaven would be like?

William Jackson Harper, who plays a fellow Good Place resident, replied by recalling his childhood idea of a really good place: “No bees.”

“The Good Place” premieres Sept. 19.