We dug up these Halloween costumes from our archives. You can share your favorite costume from the past on Instagram at ‪#‎STthrowback‬.

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In 1985 the Seattle Times held a Halloween costume contest.

Among the 40 or so contestants, costumes included ghosts, Miss Piggy, Big Bird, dragons, pumpkins, a dining table on legs, Spiderwomen and a lawyer dressed up as Uncle Cosmo Fishhawk, from the comic strip “Shoe.”

Roy Brewer, the lawyer, said this about his costume: “I think it shows that despite the image of lawyers, we have some imagination and a lot of fun and are not serious all the time.”

Another finalist, Lorraine Drake, said “the key to a good Halloween costume is being homemade. They’re the most fun.”

Carrie Reed Mackay copied all the words from the back of a toothpaste tube onto her costume made of an old bed sheet.

Donna August, who created the Big Bird and gremlin costumes pictured, said she was able to keep costs down by going to the Boeing surplus store in Kent. (It closed in 2007.) She was able to get a aluminum-like material to create the eyes for the costumes that acted like a one-way mirror.

August said she liked Halloween because it’s “an excuse for adults to act like children and get away with it. I’m a flight attendant for Western Airlines and I’ve been tempted to wear the (Big Bird) costume to work, but the company might frown on it. It’s real hard to open the door with the mitts on!”

Mental Floss magazine wrote in 1985 popular costumes included: Hulk Hogan, Elvira, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

This year, Google Trends data shows the obvious. We’re likely to see many a Donald Trump, quite a few Darth Vaders and Princess Leias. Around every corner will be Harley Quinn.

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But we want to see your off-trend costumes, and those from years past. Maybe you were Charlie Sheen or Rebecca Black in 2011. Or, a vampire or werewolf (#TeamJacob) in 2009?

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