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Some of CollegeHumor’s most beloved goofballs — Jake Hurwitz, Amir Blumenfeld and Streeter Seidell — are bringing laughs from the Web to The Vera Project Thursday night for a live, in-the-flesh sketch and stand-up-comedy show.

CollegeHumor, a comedy website founded in 1999 by two high-school friends, regularly produces original sketches, articles and visuals for the average college kid (or college kid at heart). Each month, the site receives 15 million unique viewers and 100 million total video views.

The site’s longest-running series, “Jake and Amir,” features Hurwitz and Blumenfeld as a dysfunctional office duo: Hurwitz as the rational and surprisingly tolerant friend to Blumenfeld’s exasperating pest.

Expect Hurwitz and Blumenfeld to keep up their characters’ usual shenanigans in the live show, a prolonged sketch of the pair’s relationship. Seidell, known for his CollegeHumor sketches and his role on the MTV show “Pranked,” will perform stand-up comedy.

While the trio have made several appearances around the country before, including an eight-city U.S. tour in the fall, this will be the first time in Seattle.

Hurwitz said live comedy shows have been a fun change from the repetition of webisode production.

“[Touring] is a lot more engaging,” he said. “Making videos is just sort of a process that involves me and Amir and some camera guys and some sound guys, and the tour involves the whole audience, which is always more entertaining.”

Hurwitz, Blumenfeld and Seidell also typically stick around after the show to meet fans and take photos, a rare opportunity for followers of the show to connect with the comedy trio face-to-face.

“It’s nice to get to meet our fans who we’d otherwise never get to say hello to,” Hurwitz said.

However, fans may soon be seeing Hurwitz and Blumenfeld around a little more often — on the TV screen. A “Jake and Amir” TV show for TBS, announced in December, is currently in the works.

“We hope it’s going to come to fruition, but as of right now, it’s just in the script-writing phase, so if they like that, they’ll let us shoot it,” Blumenfeld said. “If we shoot the pilot, it’ll be sometime in the summer, and it should come out sometime after that if they like the pilot.”

For now, the duo will focus on the upcoming “tour,” which lasts all of four days, with appearances in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco.

“ We’re excited to perform in Seattle for the first time ever,” Blumenfeld said. “We hope a lot of people can come out [and] we hope to meet everyone after the show.”

Shirley Qiu: On Twitter @callmeshirleyq