Do you have someone on your gift list who is mad for Mozart? Batty about Beethoven? Excited about Elgar? This gift guide can help.

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Here are gifts sure to please the classical-music or opera lover on your Christmas list:

Access to concerts and operas online

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With the performing arts, experience and live exposure are what really count. It’s easy to gift your loved ones with certificates to local institutions like Seattle Symphony ( and Seattle Opera ( and allow them to choose for themselves from the season’s upcoming events.

Digital access

And when it comes to orchestras a bit further afield, like the Berlin Philharmonic, try out a subscription to the first-rate offerings available from the BP’s vaunted Digital Concert Hall ( Meanwhile, the Paris-based ( offers an online cornucopia of live and archived performances from the world’s major concert halls and opera houses.

“Dutilleux: Orchestral Works” (Seattle Symphony Media)

Celebrate the hometown band with this three-volume set from Seattle Symphony’s self-produced and superbly engineered label. It consolidates the orchestra’s internationally acclaimed performances under Ludovic Morlot of the complete orchestral music of this modern French master, which glow with sensuous detail. (

“Brendel: Music, Sense and Nonsense: Collected Essays and Lectures” (Robson)

When Alfred Brendel officially retired in 2008, he announced his intention to spend more time writing and lecturing. And what a wealth of experience the pianist has channeled into his observations about his favorite composers, the art of interpretation and the life of a modern performer; there’s even a poignant reflection on suffering an acute loss of hearing.

“Sounds and Sweet Airs: The Forgotten Women of Classical Music” by Anna Beer

The Metropolitan Opera’s current production of the intoxicatingly beautiful “L’amour de loin” by Kaija Saariaho marks the first time a female composer’s work has been produced by the company since 1903. A tipping point? We can only hope. British biographer Anna Beer’s thought-provoking survey of women in classical music inspires a determination to rewrite the history of the future.

“Robert Schumann’s Advice to Young Musicians” by Steven Illerlis (Faber)

For anyone thinking about starting a career — or likely to relish a fresh perspective — the cellist Steven Isserlis has revisited Robert Schumann’s wise advice, offering updated commentary and humor of his own.

Love Tuner mini-flute

This tiny “meditative flute,” attached to a brass/copper necklace, is easy to play: simply breathing in and out through the mouthpiece produces “therapeutic tones” tuned to 528hz (roughly a C), believed to be a healing frequency. (