Lake Stevens' native Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence answer some burning questions, and Pratt heaps praise on the NFC West champs.

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Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are having too much fun promoting “Passengers,” which opens in theaters Wednesday, Dec. 21.

The charming duo did an “autocomplete interview,” where they answered the internet’s most searched questions about themselves: Is Pratt a leftie (no, but Lawrence is). Is Lawrence a natural blonde (it’s complicated, but technically, yes). Is Lawrence Hispanic? (“I regret to say, no, I am not.”)  Most surprising fact: Lawrence is a third cousin of Jeremy Renner.

Pratt is not related to Brad Pitt, but he did reveal that he and his wife, Anna Farris, bought a second home in Washington and would like to be here more often (he grew up in Lake Stevens, and she lived in Edmonds).

Pratt is likely among the fans celebrating the Seahawks’ NFC West title win on Thursday night.

But why does he like the Seahawks? “They’re solid Americans who lead by example. Because Russell Wilson goes to Seattle Children’s Hospital every Tuesday. And because they’re a dominant football force that puts team first. (12th man baby!).”

They can’t get a better endorsement than that.

Watch the entire interview below: