Hell hath no fury like five women scorned. At "Survivor: Vanuatu's" final tribal council Sunday night, Chris was looking a bit like that guy who had to face his ex-girlfriends...

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Hell hath no fury like five women scorned.

At “Survivor: Vanuatu’s” final tribal council Sunday night, Chris was looking a bit like that guy who had to face his ex-girlfriends on NBC’s former reality special, “The One That Got Away.” As the last man standing on an island inhabited by a bevy of women — only on “reality” TV would this not be considered a good thing — Chris lied, manipulated and played the women one by one. Isn’t that just like a man?

Still, the five-woman, two-man jury awarded the 34-year-old highway construction worker $1 million as sole survivor over “Slingblade” Twila, whose son may or may not have forgiven her for swearing on his life and then going back on her word. That million bucks probably would’ve helped to sweeten his disposition. Who says money can’t buy love?

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