A local band is trying to set the record for the largest gathering of people dressed like David Bowie.

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Six months ago, Jeff Mosier, drummer for Seattle-based tribute band Bowie Vision, had an idea: try to set the record for the largest gathering of people dressed like David Bowie in one spot.

And at their “Night of a Thousand Bowies” show on Friday at The Showbox, he’s the first to admit that he had no idea what he was getting into.

“It took about two hours to fill out their online application,” says Mosier. “And about two months later I got authorization from them to try this.”

From photographic and video evidence of the attempt, to the pre-approval letter that explains in minute detail how participants and costumes would be vetted, the process of setting a Guinness World Record is intricate. According to the instructions on the band’s website, participants must be wearing a full, head-to-toe costume based on clothes worn by David Bowie during a public appearance or performance. Participants must also be photographed with a picture of Bowie wearing the outfit.

At least 250 Bowie look-alikes must attend to create a world-record event, he said.

Now, Mosier and the attempt organizers will review the evidence they collected, and if it meets the required criteria, they will send it to Guinness World Records to see if they reached their goal (check the band’s Facebook page for updates).

“We like to think of our band as the soundtrack to people’s love affair with David Bowie,” Mosier says of Bowie Vision.

Whether they set the record or not, he says the real goal of the evening is to share the love of Bowie and celebrate his music.

Update: As of October 31, Bowie Vision’s Jeff Mosier says they counted about 175 fully costumed David Bowies, falling short of the required 250 participants to set an official Guinness World Record.