Watch comedian Andrew Rivers and Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan on the field for Rivers' new podcast, "Don't Quit Your Night Job."

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Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan is the first guest on Seattle comedian Andrew Rivers’┬ánew podcast, “Don’t Quit your Night Job,” in which the comic and football player trade barbs and discuss the intricacies of punting in the NFL.

I’m fascinated by people who say ‘I could never do comedy. That’s gotta be the toughest job in the world!'” Rivers said. “I’m literally not capable of anything else. I thought it would be fun to prove it.”

Rivers has performed in clubs all over the U.S. and has been featured on FOX’s “Laughs” and NBC’s “Up Late NW.” Ryan is a Super Bowl-winning punter, who got his start playing in the Canadian Football League.

“You started in the CFL and Canadians are so nice they don’t even tackle, it’s just hugging,” Rivers teases.

Rivers and Ryan take turns playfully teasing each other on the field, with each landing some hilarious insults.

“You could legitimately play ‘Pee-Wee’ football right now,” Ryan tells Rivers.

The monthly 30-minute podcast, available on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play, also features an accompanying 10-minute Youtube video in which Rivers attempts to learn how to punt and catch Ryan’s punts while being mocked by the pro-athlete for his lack of physical ability. If you’re looking for more from Ryan, he has his own podcast, “Kickin It with John and Greg.”