The Pacific Northwest likes to read, and what better way to get book suggestions than to ask around? In this monthly feature, we ask prominent Northwest residents what books they’re reading, rereading and recommending — and why.

This month: Anastacia-Reneé, the award-winning author, educator, interdisciplinary artist and former Seattle Civic Poet. After 15 years in Seattle, she is moving to New York City in search of her next chapter.


What book are you reading now?

I am rereading “The Women of Brewster Place” by Gloria Naylor.

What book have you reread the most?

“In Love & Trouble” by Alice Walker and “The Cancer Journals” by Audre Lorde.

What book do you recommend other people read and why?

Those two plus any and all Octavia Butler books. 

— compiled by Jerald Pierce

(Jennifer Luxton / The Seattle Times)