Though this summer has been deliciously cool so far (I love it), the time seems right for Moira’s Book Club readers to venture into the waters of beach reading for our fourth selection. And the voters have spoken: our choice is “The Summer Wives” by Beatriz Williams.

Published last year and now available in paperback, the book is a saga whose time frame ranges from the 1930s to the ’60s, focusing on a murder in a posh Long Island Sound enclave and an actress’s return to the community, many years later, to find the truth behind the crime. Williams, the bestselling author of a number of historical novels (other works include “The Golden Hour,” “The Secret Life of Violet Grant” and “A Hundred Summers”), is a Seattle native who now lives near the Connecticut shore.

We’ll meet online to discuss “The Summer Wives” at noon on Wednesday, Aug. 21, here at If you like, you can join the Moira’s Book Club Facebook group for club reminders and book chat — but you don’t need to be on Facebook to join in our meeting. Happy reading!