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Today is the last official day of Seattle Mystery Bookshop’s fundraising campaign to keep its doors open, restock its shelves and continue to serve its patrons. It’s fair to say it was a success.

The mystery store, located at 117 Cherry Street in the Pioneer Square neighborhood, started a GoFundMe campaign earlier this year in hopes of raising $50,000. As of yesterday, it had raised $51,627. After the Seattle Times ran a story on the effort, the store heard from donors from almost every state and even overseas.

On its GoFundMe web site, the store posted that “we’re humbled and touched and completely in awe of your kindness, generosity and support. There really are no words to convey how grateful we truly are.”

Based on the success of the Seattle Mystery Bookshop effort, another Seattle bookstore, Wallingford’s Wide World Books and Maps, has started its own fundraising campaign.