Parents looking for an overview of our state's kid-friendly attractions can turn to the new, third edition of "Discover Washington With Kids."

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Parents looking for an overview of our state’s kid-friendly attractions can turn to the new, third edition of “Discover Washington With Kids.”

The Camano Island authors Rosanne Cohn, who wrote the first “Discover Seattle With Kids” in 1977, and her husband, Larry Kahn, raised seven children between them and are now grandparents.

Well-researched and thorough, the book suggests dozens of museums, libraries, stores and theaters to entertain little folks from Walla Walla to Wenatchee to Westport. It’s balanced between free activities, such as hikes and parks, and more costly attractions.

“Discover Washington With Kids”

Rosanne Cohn and Larry Kahn
JASI, $16.95

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Nearly half the book is devoted to the Greater Seattle area, with separate sections for the Eastside and South King County. It organizes attractions by neighborhood (Seattle) or city (everywhere else), which is helpful if families are visiting a particular area. But if parents are looking for, say, a beach, they’d have to sift through areas they suspect might be near water. The index is strictly alphabetical.

For each geographical area, the authors offer “Places to Go” and “Places to Eat,” with the occasional “Shops to Browse.”

Attraction listings include contact information, hours, admission and wheelchair/stroller access, plus detailed descriptions that show the authors clearly visited the spots. The write-ups are almost uniformly positive, which can make it harder for parents to decide which attractions are worth the time and cost.

The book suggests a few restaurants in each area (a bit heavy on chains) but hardly any lodgings. This isn’t a criticism, since that would add to the book’s size and scope, but families should know their out-of-area explorations will likely require additional research.