Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times arts critic, visited 19 different Seattle-area bookstores in one go for Independent Bookstore Day.

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Well, by George, she’s done it.

Last week, Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times arts critic, pledged to visit 19 different Seattle-area bookstores on Independent Bookstore Day, April 29.

The cross-Puget Sound trek is mainly for bragging rights, but there’s a monetary prize as well (well, at least the promise of one). Those who get their Independent Bookstore Day passport stamped at 19 bookstores on April 29 will win 25 percent off at those stores for an entire year.


Macdonald kept up with her followers and the hashtag #SEAbookstoreday to let everyone know how the book journey was going. A few ferry rides and many Diet Cokes later, she was successful. Here’s how her day played out:

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