New books by Seattle-area authors include a new novel by science-fiction author Greg Bear, a primer on using physics for effective fighting techniques and a graphic memoir of growing up on McNeil Island.

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New releases

“Killing Titan” by Greg Bear (Orbit, $26). A Seattle-area resident and veteran science-fiction author, Bear returns with the adventures of Master Sgt. Michael Venn, who initially finds himself back on Earth but in “enforced isolation.” Eventually, he returns to Mars to continue his investigation of the Drifters, ancient artifacts suddenly awakened on the red planet. That leads him and his crew to Saturn’s moon — and danger.

“Prison Island” by Colleen Frakes (Zest Books, $16.99). In this “graphic memoir,” Frakes tells her story of growing up on Washington’s McNeil Island, site of a federal, and later a state, prison. Her parents lived and worked on the island and Frakes tells through her words and art what it was like to grow up there — and what an issue ordering a pizza could be.

“Fight Like a Physicist” by Jason Thalken (YMAA, $16.95). Thalken, who lives in Seattle and has a doctorate in computational condensed matter physics, attempts to unravel the complex science behind effective fighting techniques in the service of giving the reader an “unfair advantage.” The book also describes strategies for reducing traumatic brain injuries.

“Boats for Papa” by Jessixa Bagley (Roaring Book Press, $17.99). For ages 5-8: Buckley misses his Papa, so he makes increasingly elaborate wooden boats to send out into the ocean. He knows if they don’t come back, it must be because his father got them. A surprise discovery in his mom’s desk makes him reconsider his plan in this debut picture book by a Seattle author/illustrator.