Updated 2 p.m. Aug. 21:

Our fourth meeting of Moira’s Seattle Times Book Club has ended! A group of us gathered virtually, refreshing beverages in hand, to discuss Beatriz Williams’ novel “The Summer Wives,” a time-shifting saga of two extended families on an exclusive island on Long Island Sound. Scroll to the bottom of the page and view the comments to read our full discussion; here are a few excerpts:

I really enjoyed it! Usually I think of a beach read as 3-stars, frothy and little substance, but I thought you made a great choice with this book. I gave it 4 stars and thought it had more heft than a typical vacation book. — user1094082

I really like how it unfolded. It kind of brought you into the mystery of it all, the hidden unspoken nature of these relationships and the privilege that no one could see. — jillboone

I found it very hard to have any sympathy for Miranda ,.. who never seemed to act – was always “acted on” or “swept into” other people’s plans, and seldom acted in her own self interest. She was not self-directed enough for me. —user535065

The relationship between the classes was also explored in the previous book club book about the African slave and his life with the white man that “saved” him [“Washington Black” by Esi Edugyan]. I see both as presenting a very positive picture of how people begin to understand the others’ culture when they first know one person and then the relationship includes (or excludes) others. — Dr. Psych

It was fast paced but not so much that I couldn’t take a break. It was an easy read for me but I was interested in knowing what happened. —user1065993


I don’t think I would seek out another of her books. It didn’t captivate me enough. So many books…..so little time….. —TeaDrinker

A poll to choose our next book club selection will be posted on Tuesday, August 27. Mark your calendars for our next online meeting, which will take place at noon on Wednesday, Oct. 16. Happy reading!

From earlier:

At noon Wednesday, Aug. 21, we’ll have the fourth meeting of Moira’s Seattle Times Book Club. This time, we’ve chosen a beach read: Beatriz Williams’ “The Summer Wives.”

We’ll be chatting in the comments below; feel free to leave a question or a thought about the book before the discussion begins. I’ll arrive online promptly at noon Wednesday to facilitate the discussion. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the book. (For those who haven’t yet finished the book: You’re welcome to join us but please be aware that we’ll be discussing what we thought of the entire book, up to and including the ending.)

In the meantime, please feel free to join your fellow book lovers for spoiler-free book chat — about both “The Summer Wives” and books in general — at Moira’s Book Club group on Facebook. If you’d like to join, here’s the link: facebook.com/groups/stbooks/

Reminder to all who plan to join the discussion: This page, and the Facebook group, are spoiler-free zones until noon on Wednesday, at which time those who haven’t finished the book will need to be aware that some of us may want to discuss the ending and other potentially revealing content. Also, a reminder that the discussion will be moderated, and off-topic comments (that is, comments that aren’t about the book) may be deleted. Any questions? Shoot them to me here or at mmacdonald@seattletimes.com, and I look forward to chatting soon!