A selection of new titles by Washington authors, or of local interest.

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Almost Paradise: New and Selected Poems and Translations”
by Sam Hamill (Shambala, $15.95). A new retrospective of the Port Townsend poet’s work.

“Black Shapes in a Darkened Room”
by Marshall Moore (Suspect Thoughts Press, $16.95). Short stories by a Seattle-based writer, ranging from horror tales to stories about gay American men traveling overseas.

“Lessons in Taxidermy”
by Bee Lavender (Punk Planet/Akashic, $12.95). Memoir by a writer who grew up in the Seattle area, about her battle with cancer at age 12, her pregnancy at 18, and more. Lavender now lives in England.

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“Two Centuries of Lewis and Clark: Reflections on the Voyage of Discovery”
by William L. Lang and Carl Abbott, with Roberta Conner and Christopher Zinn (Oregon Society Historical Press, $18). A look at what the members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition might have seen as they traveled down the Columbia River basin.

“A Heart for Any Fate: Westward to Oregon, 1845”
by Linda Crew (Oregon Historical Society Press, $21.95). A Willamette Valley author’s novel, based on a pioneer family’s journey out west, along the Oregon Trail.

“Outpost: John McLoughlin and the Far Northwest”
by Dorothy Nafus Morrison (Oregon Historical Society Press, $25). Paperback reprint of a 1999 biography of McLoughlin, whose association with the Hudson’s Bay Company included running Fort Vancouver and other regions of the lower Columbia.

“Going Places: Alaska and the Yukon for Families”
by Nancy Thalia Reynolds (Bergman/Sasquatch, $21.95). A Shoreline author offers tips on traveling with the kids way up north.

“Maid Marian”
by Elsa Watson (Three Rivers, $12.95). Paperback reprint of a Seattle-area writer’s novel, drawing a feisty portrait of Robin Hood’s famous female companion. Times reviewer Melinda Bargreen called this “a charming retelling of the Robin Hood legend.”

“Where the Mountain Casts Its Shadow: The Dark Side of Extreme Adventure”
by Maria Coffey (St. Martin’s Griffin, $13.95). New in paperback: A Vancouver Island writer and climber examines the alluring hazards of mountaineering, with local mountaineers Jim Wickwire and Ed Viesturs figuring in her tale.

“Love and Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain”
by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin (Atria, $14). Paperback reprint: Two investigative journalists maintain that the Nirvana singer didn’t kill himself, but was murdered.

Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times book critic