The Pacific Northwest likes to read, and what better way to get book suggestions than to ask around? In this monthly feature, we ask prominent Northwest residents what books they’re reading, rereading and recommending — and why.

This month: dani tirrell, the influential dancer, artist and choreographer behind works such as “Black Bois” that have been standouts in the Seattle dance scene over the past 13 years, gives us a list of reading picks ahead of a cross-country move to Washington, D.C.



What book are you reading now? 

“Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot” by Mikki Kendall. 

What book have you reread the most? 

Right now it is “Feminist Baby! He’s a Feminist Too!” by Loryn Brantz. My nephew really likes this book. 

What book do you recommend other people read and why?  

“Black Boy Feelings, Volume 1: Boyhood” by Jeana Lindo and Richard Bryan. The stories in this book are not one-size-fits-all (inside of Black male identity), and for me that makes it a beautiful read. This book moves you through an array of experiences that make up how we see Blackness in the USA.

— compiled by Crystal Paul

(Jennifer Luxton / The Seattle Times)