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New releases

“Failing the Trapeze” by Susan V. Meyers (Southeast Missouri State University Press, $15). A 15-year-old girl finds a dead man hanging from a tree in the family yard. She knows him and investigates why, which leads to uncovering family secrets and turmoil between her and her mother. Meyers, who won the Nilsen Prize for First Novel, teaches creative writing at Seattle University.

“War Dogs” by Greg Bear (Orbit, $25). The “Gurus,” a highly advanced species, bring sophisticated technology to humans, but they also bring trouble in the form of malevolent enemies. A brave band of fighters faces long odds in turning back the attackers. Bear, a veteran science-fiction writer, lives in Seattle.

“The Dynamics of Disaster” by Susan W. Kieffer (Norton, $16.95). New in paperback, this book explains the mechanics of our unstable world in terms a general reader can understand. Kieffer, a geologist, is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and MacArthur “genius” grant winner. She lives on Whidbey Island.

“Ghostly Evidence: Exploring the Paranormal” by Kelly Milner Halls (Millbrook Press, $20.95). For ages 10-13: Halls, known for her Sasquatch and alien books, turns to ghosts and their believers. She shares famous stories of specific ghosts and haunted places. Sidebars list the “paranormal tools of the trade” and explain how to create a fake ghost photo. Halls lives in Spokane.