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How often do you get a chance to see the offspring of both a former president and a presidential candidate?  Not often, but on Saturday, Chelsea Clinton, who qualifies in both categories,  is coming to Seattle’s University Book Store to sign her new book.

At 11 a.m. Saturday Nov. 7 at the book store’s University District location, Clinton will sign her new book, “It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired and Get Going!” (Philomel, $18.99).  It tells the story of children and teens who “have made real changes big and small—in their families, their communities, in our country and across the world,” according to the book’s web site.

In a review,  The New York Times said of the book: Clinton’s voice is  “both wonky and sweet, impassioned and didactic, a little self-conscious …It’s clear that she indeed wrote it herself, all 400 or so earnest, methodically compiled pages. ..Where she succeeds is in making even the knottiest issues seem accessible to a bright seventh grader. “

Hmmm… maybe some adults could use this book, including this one. Anyway, if you want to see Clinton, be prepared to wait: there will be a signing line, and security will be elaborate. Check out how to get a book, then get in line, at or call 206-634-3400.