It rained Friday; feel free to use that as an excuse to lounge around the house all weekend and read. Cancel your plans — you earned it. Tell your friends the newspaper said so. Need a recommendation? You’re in the right place. Read on:

  • Seattle-authored graphic novel “Cheer Up!” spotlights queer joy in a high school romance between an anti-social lesbian and the popular, transgender captain of the cheerleading squad. For the Times, Sarah Neilson spoke with author Crystal Frazier about queer joy in storytelling, legislation targeting transgender athletes in youth spots and more. Read the full interview here.
  • Reviewer Michael Upchurch applauds the new novel “The Republic of False Truths,” which, in imperfect prose, explores the 2011 Tahrir Square uprisings in Egypt in a way that no nonfiction account could. Read the full review here.
  • Have you found yourself hopelessly lost in long works of literature like “Moby Dick”? Perhaps an audiobook is the answer to this reading riddle. David Wright explains how audiobooks can be the key to forbidding literature, as he found to be the case with William Faulkner’s “The Light of August,” “Ulysses” and more by James Joyce, and “Infinite Jest.” Read the full story here.