Current national best sellers, as reported by Publishers Weekly.

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As reported by Publishers Weekly


1. Polar Shift
Clive Cussler with Paul Kemprecos

2. The Historian
Elizabeth Kostova

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3. The Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown

4. Straken: High Druid of Shannara, Book 3
Terry Brooks

5. The Widow of the South
Robert Hicks

6. Lipstick Jungle
Candace Bushnell

7. Slow Burn
Julie Garwood

8. Point Blank
Catherine Coulter

9. Lifeguard
James Patterson and Andrew Gross

10. Chill Factor
Sandra Brown


1. Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About
Kevin Trudeau

2. You: The Owner’s Manual
Michael F. Roizen, M.D., and Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.

3. The World Is Flat
Thomas L. Friedman

4. 1776
David McCullough

5. Your Best Life Now
Joel Osteen

6. Freakonomics
Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

7. Blink
Malcolm Gladwell

8. The Purpose-Driven Life
Rick Warren

9. He’s Just Not That into You
Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo

10. 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America
Bernard Goldberg

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1. Lost Stories
Dashiell Hammett

2. Long Time Gone
J.A. Jance

3. Dead Man Docking
Mary Daheim

4. Guilt Trip
Ben Rehder

5. Pardonable Lies
Jacqueline Winspear


1. Double Shot
Diane Mott Davidson

2. The Chocolate Mouse Trap
JoAnna Carl

3. Dirty Sally
Michael Simon

4. A Shot to Die For
Libby Fischer Hellman

5. A Taint in the Blood
Dana Stabenow