It looks like "Survivor" is beating "The Bachelor" at its own game. You may recall "Survivor" winners Ethan (Africa) and Jenna (Amazon) started dating last year, while Rob and...

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It looks like “Survivor” is beating “The Bachelor” at its own game.

You may recall “Survivor” winners Ethan (Africa) and Jenna (Amazon) started dating last year, while Rob and Amber are planning their nuptials after finding love on “Survivor: All Stars.”

The latest — and perhaps juiciest — “Survivor” coupling is host Jeff Probst and Julie Berry, fourth runner-up on the recently concluded “Survivor: Vanuatu.” “I’m in love,” 43-year-old Probst told this week’s People magazine. So what if he’s old enough to be her father? I’m sure she’s a very mature 24, and their chances are at least as good as Byron and Mary from “The Bachelor 6.”

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Now you’d think that after watching enough episodes of MTV’s “Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes,” I’d have learned that men have a) very fragile egos and b) selective senses of humor.

There’s been a bit of a battle raging in my e-mail inbox ever since I made a remark in last week’s column about sole “Survivor” Chris Daugherty, who lied and manipulated his way to become last man standing on Vanuatu. “Isn’t that just like a man?” I asked, tongue firmly in cheek.

The onslaught of “I Am Man, Hear Me Roar” responses was swift. Apparently, there’s no room for poking fun in a column about reality television, which we all know is serious business. “The fact that you think one man is easily representative of all men just shows how much you know about men. That’s probably why you can’t carry a meaningful relationship with a man,” sniped one (male, of course) reader. So that’s it! Now I know what to tell my mom next time she asks where her grandchildren are.

Another male fan wrote from Las Vegas to crow about leaving Seattle, “the city where women hate men.” Whereas Seattle women are “pretentious, uptight, sexually frustrated and as good looking as a dried-up piece of unleavened bread” — harsh, but wins points for creativity — this former Seattleite is much happier in the company of Las Vegas women, who are “confident, extroverted and laborious with their femininity.” Whatever that means.

“You forgot to add that ‘Isn’t it just like a woman to let herself be played by such a joker … Some things never change,” wrote another. And my personal favorite, simply, “Men Rule!!!” Uh, it’s not a contest. But, OK, you win. Now let’s have a group hug and get on with this week’s recaps.

“The Apprentice 2”

Kelly trumps Jen as the Donald’s new lackey, despite his team’s best impersonation of the Three Stooges (OK, more like the Two Stooges and Elizabeth). Kelly chose a Manhattan development project as his “job” and begins his 15 minutes right where Bill Rancic‘s left off. Meantime, “The Apprentice 3,” premiering Jan. 20, will lose the men vs. women format and pit “Book Smarts” (college-educated) against “Street Smarts” (high-school-educated). Bring back Troy McClain!

“America’s Next Top Model”

Eva, the self-professed “little tomboy from L.A.” — and by “little,” I think she’s referring to her height, 5-foot-7 — takes the “Top Model” crown, beating runner-up Yaya and avenging the equally vertically-challenged Jenascia, of Burien, from “America’s Next Top Model 2.” I’m just glad it wasn’t Amanda.

“Wife Swap”

So, Laura Beth is 18 years old, dropped out of high school to “home-school” herself — is that even allowed? — which in her world means sleeping late and going shopping with her daddy’s credit cards. When Strict New Mom tells her she has to actually do school work from 1 to 4 p.m. every day, Laura Beth whines, “I’ve never spent four hours on school in one day.” Hey, why don’t you start with math. (10 p.m. Wednesdays, KOMO)

“The Amazing Race 6”

“I would love to be back in Paris so I could have a croissant.” Only whiny model Kendra would wander around a poverty-stricken town in Africa lamenting the lack of a good pastry. Focus, Kendra, focus! Speaking of food, how is it that sausage-making always finds its way onto reality shows? No one wants to see that. (9 p.m. Tuesdays, KIRO)

“The Real Gilligan’s Island”

Has anyone else noticed how totally racy this show is? Here’s millionairess Mindy Stearns gutting dead fish to find a lost diamond ring: “What I do for diamonds … usually I just have to swallow.” FCC, can you hear me? Cable TV rules! Two-hour season finale airs at 8 tonight on TBS.

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