NEW YORK (AP) — Author and editor Nadja Spiegelman is heading a new literary magazine that will highlight writing from around the world. Astra Quarterly will likely release its first issue later this year.

“It feels like the ideal moment for a publication whose primary focus is on international literature. There is a growing awareness that America is not the center of the world, that reading widely is vital to all of us,” Spiegelman told The Associated Press.

“Technology has led to the rise of a multilingual, multicultural class of readers and writers, all of whom are in conversation with one another. Astra Quarterly hopes to be read in Mexico City or Lagos as much as in New York or Paris.”

Spiegelman most recently served as online editor of The Paris Review. She has also written the memoir “I’m Supposed to Protect You from All This,” and such illustrated works as “Lost in NYC” and the upcoming “Blancaflor.”

Astra Quarterly will be released through Astra Publishing House, which announced the new, English-language publication Thursday.