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LONDON (AP) — Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley will be hoping to lift the spirits of a post-Brexit Britain when they attend the world premiere of “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie” Wednesday.

Saunders insisted that the event will be “more fabulous” now that the decision has been made to leave the European Union.

“It is going to have to be the most fabulous thing that has happened because everyone is feeling a little bit depressed so we have to pop open the champagne and just keep going,” she said.

The movie spin-off of the popular TV series sees the reuniting of best friends Patsy and Edina, directed by Mandie Fletcher.

The fashion-obsessed duo leave London to escape the paparazzi and head to the French Riviera.

And what would the pair think of the U.K’s decision to exit the EU?

“They didn’t even know we were in Europe let alone pulling out,” smiles Lumley.

“They’re still drunk,” adds Saunders.

“Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie” is released in the UK on July 1.