Brace yourselves; the Big Storm isn't over yet. Here's what to do this weekend — under a roof, of course.

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1. Prepare for the storm

You may have noticed the four-day storm that is hitting our region, complete with heavy rain and high winds. Prepare appropriately with these tips. And if your basement gets a little wet from all that rain? Don’t call an expensive contractor just yet — here’s how to troubleshoot it yourself.

2. Go see Bryan Cranston and Sherman Alexie

Three years after “Breaking Bad,” Bryan Cranston still hasn’t shaken Walter White. “Walter is in me and I am in Walter,” the actor says. You can catch Cranston with Sherman Alexie at Benaroya Hall this weekend to hear about Walter, LBJ – another of his famous roles – and his new book.

3. Make Italian ragu

A few fundamentals are agreed upon in making ragu: The meat should be browned first, the sauce should be cooked for a long time and San Marzano canned tomatoes are the bomb. For a super-flavorful version, try this recipe from Ethan Stowell.

4. Head to ‘Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style’

The Seattle Art Museum exhibition showcases 110 complete outfits by the legendary fashion designer – if you’ve bought women’s clothing in the past 40 years, odds are good you’ve worn something influenced by YSL. He pioneered pants for women, for instance.

5. Stream your entertainment

Seattle rapper Macklemore and President Obama have joined forces to address opioid addiction in a new MTV documentary, “Prescription for Change: Ending America’s Opioid Crisis,” which aired earlier this week. Another MTV production worth watching: “Real World Seattle: Bad Blood,” which aired last night. Finally, here’s what else is streaming online this week.

Need more suggestions? Check out our 2016 Fall Arts Guide, a curated list of arts and entertainment around the city this season, and subscribe to our Weekender newsletter. Have a great weekend!