Young singer gained fame on YouTube for singing Disney songs with her dad. She will be on the talent show Sunday, March 26.

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For the millions of people who’ve seen  Claire Ryann Crosby sing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” with her father on the family’s YouTube channel or  “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last month, she’s gonna look really tiny if they see her this weekend.

That’s because NBC’s “Little Big Shots,” a talent show airing at 8 p.m. Sunday (March 26), was shot last summer when she was a year younger.

“I was really small when I was 3, but I am getting so big,” said the Seattle girl,  now 4, in a telephone interview this week.

The comedy variety series, which is produced by Ellen DeGeneres and host Steve Harvey, is not a competition but a celebration of talented and accomplished young people.

When Claire shot the segment for the show last July, it was her first live appearance, according to her father Dave Crosby.

“She did really well,” he said.

And she enjoyed it.

“It was fun, fun, fun ’cause there was bubbles coming down, and I felt like it was underwater,” said Claire about singing “Part of Your World” on “Little Big Shots.”

Crosby,  a 29-year-old singer, songwriter and musician, is also a creative director at a drone and camera company  and the producer of the family’s YouTube Channel videos that have rocketed Claire and the Crosbys to fame.

The videos, some of which are elaborately, though inexpensively produced, typically feature Claire singing one of her many beloved Disney songs.

When Claire and her dad sang on “Ellen,” they won a trip for the family to Disneyland, which they took this month. This weekend, they are performing at Walt Disney World to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network.

This summer, Claire will be appearing in a new movie “A Little Mermaid,” as the granddaughter of Shirley MacLaine.

Dave Crosby said he and his wife are taking care not to push Claire into show business or do too much too soon and they are being careful about the projects they take on, he said.

“We’re trying to be protective and smart,” he said. But he and his wife also want to help Claire grow —  and share — her talent, which is something she loves doing.

“I really, really, really feel happy inside,”Claire said. “So many people watched (her videos) and they keep watching over and over ’cause it makes them feel happy inside.”