Parents, teachers, students and community members who attended our recent public meeting on school discipline used postcards to write down their ideas at the end of the event.

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Last week, Education Lab convened a meeting of parents, students, educators and other community members interested in discipline.

The evening began with inspiring talks by Kent teacher Jay Maebori, Garfield High School principal Ted Howard and two Seattle high-school students: Dayöne Florence and Franky Price.

But a key part of the gathering was inviting the 200 or so attendees to get to know each other and share their own ideas and insights. For 20 minutes, people broke into groups of four and addressed two questions: “What did you hear that moved you?” and “What insight does it provide you?”

Then, everyone came back together for a half-hour of large-group discussion. Participants were invited to share what they had said in their small groups and then fill out a postcard with their answers to two final questions: “What’s something that you can do to make a difference for school discipline?” and “What message do you have for people who make decisions on school discipline?

To adjourn the evening, a few people volunteered to share what they had written on their postcards. We then collected them and mailed them back to everyone who included their addresses, so they would be reminded of their takeaways after the event.

Some respondents also gave us permission to publish their postcards. Click through the gallery above to see a selection.