Washington State University’s online bachelor’s degree program has gotten a top ranking from U.S. News & World Report.

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Washington State University has again ranked highly in a list of the best online bachelor’s degree programs in the country.

In U.S. News & World Report’s ranking, WSU came in 15th among all bachelor’s programs in the U.S. Last year, it ranked 34th.

WSU has been offering degrees that could be earned remotely, using technology, since 1992, a spokeswoman for the university said. In those early years, it was called a distance degree program, and used video lectures and teleconferencing. The program later moved online, and then changed its name again in 2012, from WSU Online to WSU Global Campus.

The bachelor’s degree programs cost $494 per credit per semester for in-state students, up to nine credits. Students who take 10 to 18 credits in a semester pay a flat tuition of $4,918.

Out-of-state students pay $569 per credit for up to nine credits, and a flat tuition of $5,693 for 10-18 credits. Graduate tuition varies, depending on the program.

The most popular majors are social sciences, operations management and supervision, psychology, accounting and criminal justice/political science. Last fall, more than 2,000 undergraduate students, and nearly 1,000 graduate students, were enrolled.

The university plans to add three online degrees this summer: a master’s in software engineering, and two bachelor of science degrees: in economic sciences, and data analytics.

Also on U.S. News’s list of the best online programs: Central Washington University and the nonprofit City University of Seattle. The two schools tied at 45th.

U.S. News used four criteria to assess the quality of the schools: student engagement, or how easy it is for students ot participate in courses; faculty credentials and training; student services and technology; and peer reputation.

If location is not a concern — and perhaps it shouldn’t be with an online university — U.S. News gave its top ranking to the private Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide. Its focus is an aeronautics, but Embry-Riddle also offers other degrees, including business administration, engineering technologies and communication.

Number two on the list is Temple University, a public university in Philadelphia. Temple’s top majors include business administration and marketing.