We’ll consult with education experts on your questions about college admissions, classroom misunderstandings and teacher-student relationships.

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Calling all students, parents and teachers: In this round of Education Lab IQ (Interesting Questions), we’re taking on back-to-school jitters, one question at a time.

Fill out the form below with a question that’s been on your mind lately as school gears up. If we select your response, we’ll report back with an answer using information gathered from experts.

The only rules for entry? Keep it simple and PG. Some possible questions you could ask:

  • “I’m in a few classes where active participation in discussions is required, but I’m an introvert. How do I communicate this to my professor?”
  • “What do I do if my child isn’t getting along with her new teacher?”
  • “How important is it that I attend college? What are my options in Washington for professional certification?”
  • “How do I decide which major to choose?”
  • “How important is homework for learning? Are teachers assigning too much?”

Even if your response isn’t selected for publication, we may still answer it individually.