Whether you missed our annual Education Lab storytelling event or want to hear the stories again, we've got you covered. Here's the footage from Wednesday's Ignite Education Lab.

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More than 400 people filled Town Hall on Wednesday to watch a dynamic line-up of 11 teachers, parents and students tell stories about schools and learning.  The format was one of the most difficult out there: a five-minute limit using 20 slides programmed to advance every 15 seconds.

Judging from the standing ovation the group received at the end, the speakers did just fine.

You can read a recap of the evening here (which included a marriage proposal), but we also wanted to share videos of each of the 11 talks. You can learn more about the speakers here.

Lyon Terry – Redefining Successful Schools and Students: A Field Day Story 

Shalini Miskelly – I’m a teacher of color, and I’m burning out

Alex Alviar – Boardgames, or the Furtive Art of Education

Domonique Meeks – The Southend: Seattle’s STEM Desert

Teresa Scribner – Black Hair Matters 

Nicholas Bradford – The Pros of Con-flict

A bonus video for Bradford, who proposed to his girlfriend Jamie shortly following his talk.

Jody McVittie – Rethinking School Discipline: Shifting the Paradigm 

Ted Cohn – The Privilege of Teaching 

Rachel Wiley – From Bad Kid to Badass Teacher 

Omari Amili – Transforming Society’s Failure 

Jordan Taitingfong – Inclusion For All: Equity and Advocacy through Special Education