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The University of Washington’s Board of Regents gave President Michael K. Young a raise of 6.22 percent on Thursday, or another $50,004 a year.

That brings his salary to $853,508, including a salary of $622,008, deferred compensation of $193,500, a $12,000 per year car allowance and a retirement plan contribution of $26,000.

Young also received a 4 percent raise last year.

The rationale for the raise was based on a consultants’ report which showed that the median and average compensation for public university presidents in 2014 was $816,000 and $907,000, respectively.

In a statement, regents chair William Ayer described Young as continuing to “perform at exceptional levels by virtually any measure.” The president’s overall performance “has exceeded expectations,” he said.

In its request to the Washington Legislature for the upcoming biennium, the UW is asking for enough money to give faculty and staff a 4 percent raise  in each of the next two years.

The salary of Young’s predecessor, Mark Emmert, was a sore point for some lawmakers, faculty and students; at one point, Emmert was the second-highest-paid university president in the country. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual survey of salaries, Young was the 19th-highest-paid public university president in the country in fiscal year 2013. This raise would make him the 11th-highest-paid — although, of course, all the other presidents are likely to get raises this year, too.