The University of Washington Bothell ranked among the 50 best deals in the nation, and ahead of a number of top-ranked schools.

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MONEY magazine’s college planning calculator, published this week, once again anoints the University of Washington Bothell as the top school in the state for value — besting UW’s main campus in Seattle, which is ranked 56th.

UW Bothell, ranked 36th overall,  beat out a number of top-ranked national schools, including Carnegie Mellon University, Pomona College, University of California-Davis and University of Notre Dame. (Stanford University was ranked number 1, followed by Babson College, MIT and Princeton.)

In the inaugural year of the ratings in 2014, MONEY also ranked Bothell over Seattle. In 2014, the suburban campus ranked 37th, and the urban campus came in at 47th.

Also performing well in this year’s ranking was Washington State University, coming in 96th on the list — better than last year’s rank of 138.

Other Washington schools that made the top 200: Gonzaga, 109; and Western Washington University and UW Tacoma, tied at 184.

MONEY’s list focused on 21 factors in three equally weighted categories: educational quality, affordability and alumni earnings. It also included a “value added” grade, which it defined as a measure that “considered how well students did at each school did vs. what would be expected given their economic and academic backgrounds and the institution’s mix of majors.”

In MONEY’s estimation, UW Bothell earned a “value-added grade” of A, and UW Seattle received a B+.

UW Bothell also ranked ninth on MONEY’s list of schools that best help students exceed expectations, and second on a list it calls “the best colleges you can actually get into” — top schools that admit at least two-third of all applicants. (WSU is 16th on that list.)