The term “gifted” is a loaded one. Education Lab reporter Claudia Rowe will be on the r/SeattleWA subreddit to answer your questions about what being gifted means in Washington’s classrooms.

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What does giftedness mean in our state? What is the benefit of gifted programs? Why are gifted classrooms so racially segregated?

We invite you to ask these questions and others on our Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) this week, which is now live on the r/SeattleWA subreddit.

We also invite you do some homework. Since April, Education Lab reporter Claudia Rowe has been reporting on the racial makeup of accelerated classrooms in our state.

First, she examined the persistent racial homogeneity of Washington’s gifted programs and efforts by the Federal Way Public Schools to extend challenging coursework to a broader group of students. Then she flew to Florida to examine how the Miami-Dade County Public Schools changed the way it identifies giftedness — as a measure of potential, not knowledge.

Happy reading, and we’ll see you on Reddit soon.

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