From Bellevue to Oakland, hundreds of educators shared their thoughts about how their students and schools are affected by recent immigration issues.

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On Thursday evening, educators and students from around the world (including some from Washington state) turned their thoughts and worries about immigration policy into 140 characters or fewer.

In a Twitter chat about immigration and education — where Twitter users were invited to answer a series of prompts using the hashtag #EduColor — teachers told stories of their undocumented and Muslim students fearing for the safety of their families. They also shared what they thought were “promising practices” to make immigrant families feel more welcome, and one user referenced the Seattle School Board’s unanimous decision to make Seattle Public Schools a “sanctuary district.”

The discussion was prompted by an education advocacy group called EduColor, which describes itself a “support group for self-determined advocates of color.” It hosts a monthly Twitter chat on the #EduColor hashtag. Previous chats have centered on topics like charter schools and education research.

We’ve compiled some of the tweets we thought to be the most thought-provoking. If you want to see all the prompts and responses, click here.

Note: The tweets below do not represent the opinions of The Seattle Times Education Lab staff.