Sometimes it’s hard to think about anything but the ever-evolving coverage of COVID-19. School closures change daily. Statewide responses are ramping up, and we’re providing constant updates on the situation. But sometimes, you just need to focus on something else. Here’s a list of great student podcasts that provide more than just a distraction. They’ll give you an education.


How have I not listened to this yet?!? Hopefully, you all knew about this years ago, but in case you lived in the same hole as me, check out the Miseducation podcast. This series is by students, featuring students, and tells the story of the two school systems running side by side in New York City  through the lens of the students who attend them. As they see it, one system is for the rich and well connected, and the other is for everyone else. 

RadioActive Youth Media

How do you get adults to pay heed to youth activists? How do you make friends when you’re new to the country? Why is it really not OK to mispronounce someone’s name? Young people from the Seattle area discuss these topics and more on KUOW’s RadioActive podcast. Listen to the program or pick certain pieces — all of them will teach you something.

Student Podcast Challenge

OK, now you’ve heard lots of youth voices reflecting on their schools and activism. How do you make your own youth podcast (or help the young people in your life do it themselves)? This NPR podcast is about making a podcast because it is not as easy as chatting to a friend in front of a microphone. Make any great ones? Send them our way!