To mark the end of this unsettling but inspirational school year, Education Lab collaborated with a group of students from Soar, an organization that works to elevate community voices. The youth-led project highlights what they are taking from this year and how it will help them in the future. I’ll let them take it away! Click on each image to explore that student’s perspective.



The following video is an end-of-year culmination of all the day-to-day changes we’ve gone through since quarantine started, and how we’ve adapted and grown. We want to show adults how some young people’s lives are being affected. The purpose is to give a visual showing how our lives have changed, and to put faces to each of our pieces of writing.



We all participate in the Social Media Ambassador project, a collaboration among youth, Soar and King County seeking to provide resources and support for other youth on social media during the pandemic. (Follow us on @soaringforchange on Instagram!) Because we know how it feels to be uprooted by the pandemic, our cohort is extremely passionate about creating change in the community, and this starts with youth voices.

We wanted to do this collaboration with The Seattle Times to let other youth know they have a voice, and that they are not alone.

Graphic by Lauren Flannery | Seattle Times |