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UW investigates claims that racial slurs were used by fraternity members: A group of black students at the University of Washington has accused members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity of booing at participants of a recent Black Lives Matter protest and calling them “apes.” The claim comes a few days after the University of Oklahoma expelled two members of its SAE chapter for leading a racist chant on a bus.

State lawmakers switch sides on teacher-evaluation bill (The News Tribune): Wednesday’s Senate passage of a bill that would tie student test scores to teacher evaluations relied on several lawmakers to reverse course from action they took on similar legislation last year. Five Democrats and two Republicans switched to a “yes” vote; the proposal passed through the Senate 26-23.

Getting into college with a video application (The Washington Post): Goucher College, a private liberal arts school outside Baltimore, doesn’t require test scores, a personal essay or transcripts to get in.

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