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Latino children lag behind in language skills by age 2, study finds (The Washington Post): Pre-K might be too late to address achievement gaps between white and Latino students, a study from the University of California Berkeley has found. Researchers visited the homes of 4,550 white and Mexican-American students two times — once when they were 9 months old and again when they were 2 or 3 years old.

Documentary explores how ‘adventure playgrounds’ let kids push boundaries (NPR): An upcoming short documentary called “The Land” looks at so-called adventure playgrounds where students encounter hazardous items and experience risk. The film focuses on a playground in North Wales where kids start fires and play with saws, hammers and nails.

Budget cuts force Kansas districts to close early (AP): Two school districts are closing more than a week earlier than scheduled after the governor signed a school-funding overhaul that replaces the state aid formula with block grants.

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