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Study: Students who think they can afford college are more likely to go (NPR): Researchers at the National Bureau of Economic Research have released a new survey that found low-income students who received more information and reminders about financial aid sent out more college applications and were more likely to end up enrolling. The interventions included information about the net cost of college, application fee waivers, and reminders about application deadlines.

Obama launches “Let Girls Learn” campaign (AP): President Obama announced a new educational program on Tuesday to help girls around the world attend and stay in school. “Let Girls Learn” will represent a coordinated strategy on an issue the U.S. already addresses through several different efforts, Obama said.

Feds launch 10-year study on how pot affects adolescent brains: The federal government is launching a new study that aims to track 10,000 young Americans for 10 years and examine how substance use of marijuana affects their brain development.

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