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Washington students start taking tough new Smarter Balanced exams: Students across the state are digging into the new Smarter Balanced standardized tests that are tied to Common Core. The exams aren’t your average fill-in-the-bubble multiple-choice tests; students are asked to explain their reasoning and show their work on many questions in both math and reading.

Whitman president to head Evergreen State College: Whitman College President George Bridges is leaving the school to take the top job at the Evergreen State College in Olympia. Bridges, who announced a year ago that he was planning to leave Whitman, has also served as a vice provost and dean at the University of Washington.

New group aims to help school boards and superintendents get along better: A new group called School Board Leaders for the Future is sponsoring free training for potential school-board members, saying it wants to help reduce turnover of top district staff in Seattle and build consensus about how school boards should operate. The workshops are targeted toward potential candidates in Seattle but are open to anyone in the region.

Cleveland High School senior dies in drive-by shooting: Robert Robinson, 17, was gunned down on a North Beacon Hill street on Sunday afternoon.

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