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High school-nurse caseloads catch attention of state (The News Tribune): Washington’s school-nurse caseloads rank as eighth-highest in the country, according to the National Association of School Nurses, with most districts assigning multiple schools to a single RN. But some systems might consider returning to higher staffing levels as more students come to school with chronic health problems like asthma and severe allergies.

What keeps high-achieving, low-income students from applying to top-tier schools (NPR): Highly qualified students from low-income families could often get all or most of their education paid for at some of the country’s top universities, but many don’t even apply and end up “undermatched” at mediocre schools closer to home. The reasons why often center around heavy guidance counselor caseloads and family expectations.

Slain Cleveland student dreamed of success, friends say: Friends and teachers of 17-year-old Robert Robinson Jr. say he was a thoughtful student who looked forward to success after graduation.

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