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Sleep researcher says Spokane schools should start later (The Spokesman-Review): Spokane is the latest school district to re-examine its school start times, prompted in part by new medical research that advises the school day begin no earlier than 8:30 a.m. The Seattle School Board is also researching this issue.

More parents plan to opt students out of Common Core tests (The Washington Post): Parents across the country are pushing back against standardized tests as the new exams tied to the Common Core standards are rolled out in several states. Federal law says districts that fail to meet a 95-percent participation rate could risk federal funding or see their ratings drop.

More female math and science teachers needed to propel girls into STEM, studies suggest (The Hechinger Report): Two recent studies have found a correlation between the proportion of female math and science teachers at a female student’s high school and the likelihood that student will go on to study a STEM-related field in college.

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