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Social-media outrage over Oregon first-grader punished for tardiness (The Oregonian): A school in southern Oregon is in the national spotlight after a first-grader there was isolated from his peers during lunch as a punishment for repeated tardiness. The boy’s grandmother posted a photo of the student sitting in the cafeteria shielded behind a piece of cardboard on Facebook.

Latino students rally in Olympia for access to College Bound scholarship (KUOW): Washington’s Real Hope Act opened up state financial aid to undocumented students last year, but many of these students are finding they are not eligible for the College Bound scholarship. College Bound provides four years of tuition to low-income students who meet certain academic and behavior requirements that they sign on to in middle school.

Senate proposal puts pressure on colleges over sexual assault (The Chronicle of Higher Education): The Campus Safety and Accountability Act is sponsored by six Democrats and six Republicans. It calls for colleges to designate “confidential advisers” to help victims of sexual assault and offer specialized training for staff who handle potential rape cases, among other requirements.

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